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Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast with Andrea Samadi, May 2021


Research Presentation, Vancouver March 2019

Viewing Difficulties in Mathematics Through a Cognitive Lens. Hosted by Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics, Stanford University. Presented by Sherri Lane Howie and Caylin Trudell of Arrowsmith Program, Toronto



Barbara Arrowsmith-Young Spanish language book launch.


My Neuroplastic Adventure

Microsoft – Arrowsmith and ProServe case study


August 2016, The Woman Who Changed Her Brain: And Other Inspiring Stories of Pioneering Brain Transformation, Microsoft Research April 21, 2016, Google Talk, Seattle WA


August 2015, New Hope 60 Minutes Arrowsmith School August 2015, Extended Interview with Howard Eaton, 60 Minutes April 29, 2015, Unique Special Education Program Coming To West Virginia, WCHS Eyewitness News Mar 13, 2015, 2014 FLL World Class – Project Presentation


November 24th 2014, New take on learning disabilities: change the brain, Komo News July 2, 2014, Report: Arrowsmith Program at the Benevolent Society, Channel 9 News (Brisbane) 2014, The Arrowsmith Program at Heritage Christian Academy


November 2013, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young ‘The woman who changed her brain’ at Mind & Its Potential, Sydney Australia October 25, 2013, Barbara Arrowsmith Young speaking at the Neuroplasticity and Education conference To see the other presenters at this conference, go to August 14, 2013, Good Morning, TV New Zealand Interview with Barbara Arrowsmith-Young March 14, 2013, The Rush on Shaw TV, Interview with Howard Eaton,Director, Eaton Educational Group February 2, 2013, Sunday Morning News Global TV, Vancouver, Host: Lynn Colliar January 29, 2013, Fanny Kiefer Show, Studio 4, Shaw TV, Vancouver


December 4, 2012, NEWSwatch, The 5 O’Clock Show CHEX TV Peterborough, Host: Michelle Ferreri November 9, 2012, The Report Card, Catholic Education Office, Sydney, Australia. The brain can change June 6, 2012, Zeinab Badawi, BBC World News, Interview with Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, The Woman Who Changed Her Brain May 21. 2012, Life Matters with Natasha Mitchell, The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne Australia, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young discussing her book, The Woman Who Changed Her Brain May 18, 2012, The Circle Channel 10, Sydney, Australia, Interview with Barbara Arrowsmith-Young May 18, 2012, Shearer’s Book Store, Sydney Australia Interview with Barbara Horgan


May 2011, Rav Moshe Mordechai Lowy Rav of Agudas Yisroel of Toronto


November 27, 2008, CBC, The Nature of Things with David Suzuki


February 2, 2004, CITY-TV Breakfast Television, Live broadcast from Arrowsmith School


June 29, 2003, Moving On, CBC Television, Segment on Barbara Arrowsmith Young and Arrowsmith School 2003, Open Heart, Segment on Barbara Arrowsmith Young, Discovery Health Channel


November 2, 2002, Body and Health, Segment on Barbara Arrowsmith Young and Arrowsmith School Samantha Shatzky May 12, 2002, Innovating Tomorrow, Segment on Barbara Arrowsmith Young and Arrowsmith School


December 17, 2001, Vicki Gabereau Show, Interview with Barbara Arrowsmith Young, CTV October 23, 2001, Studio 2: Person 2 Person, Interview with Barbara Arrowsmith Young, Paula Todd Inverviewer March 17, 2001, Studio 2 Learning Disbilities Special with segment on Arrowsmith School