A peer-reviewed study using the Arrowsmith Program with participants with traumatic brain injury (TBI) at the Watson Centre for Brain Health was published in a journal today.

The 3 month pilot study, Changes in brain-behavior relationships following a 3-month pilot cognitive intervention program for adults with traumatic brain injury (S. Porter, I.J. Torres, W. Panenka, Z. Rajwani, D. Fawcett, A. Hyder, N. Virji-Babul) conducted at the University of British Columbia, found a statistically significant increase in the composite cognitive score in the TBI participants and a statistically significant decrease in functional connectivity in the right inferior frontal gyrus.

In addition, there was evidence of changes in the brain-behavior relationships following the Arrowsmith intervention. The results from this pilot study provide preliminary evidence for functional network reorganization that parallels cognitive improvements after cognitive rehabilitation in individuals with chronic TBI.

The study can be found online at sciencedirect.com or downloaded here.