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Research Committee Submission on Arrowsmith Program by Howard Eaton, Ed.M. Spring 2019, Learning Disabilities Association of Canada
The work of Arrowsmith Program is discussed in this paper from Jo Boaler: Valuing Difference and Growth: A Youcubed Perspective on Special Education By Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education, and Tanya LaMar, Doctoral Student, Stanford University February 27, 2019
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by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young
October 3, 2013
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by Dr. Shaheen E. Lakhan 
August 28, 2012, Brain Blogger
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The Woman Who Changed Her Brain (and Thousands of Others) by Dr. Laurie Nadel

[Please note the fees quoted in the article are for the assessment conducted at Arrowsmith School in Toronto and the program fee is for the part-time program offered at Arrowsmith School in Toronto. Each school that offers the Arrowsmith Program has their own fee structure and needs to be consulted directly.]

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