Build a stronger brain, create a new reality and transform your future

The Symbol Relations Remote Program is a unique Arrowsmith offering that takes place at home. 

It offers a transformative experience – wherever you are in the world. 

Daily cognitive activity and regular online meetings with an Arrowsmith facilitator means daily progress towards a stronger brain.  Learn more about Arrowsmith’s application of neuroplasticity. Arrowsmith’s innovative methodology means participants rewire their brain and transform their learning ability. Create a new reality, today.

Who Should Participate?

Everyone can benefit from strengthening their Symbol Relations function. It is for those with learning difficulties or those looking to achieve peak performance – a stronger brain means a better life. 

Signs of weak Symbol Relations functioning include
  • not understanding what is read or said
  • seeing the world as ‘black and white’
  • difficulty with math or literary concepts such as fractions, metaphors
  • not keeping up with lectures or conversations due to slow processing speed
  • difficulty ‘reading between the lines’ or catching jokes or sarcasm
  • appearing stubborn or inflexible, unable to consider other points of view
  • challenges with fluid reasoning and working memory
  • requires more time and energy to complete tasks at school or work
  • re-reading material several times before grasping the idea
  • frequently asking questions for clarification

Program Format

  • At least four hours per week of the cognitive exercise. 
  • Suitable for students age 8 to adult
  • Note: These daily sessions require independence and attention and may not be suitable for all learners. 
Norman Doidge, author of ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ and ‘The Brain’s Way of Healing’ comments on the benefits of the Symbol Relations Program. Click here to read

“The Symbol Relations functions are ones that can be used to train people with any background language to develop higher order reasoning and processing abilities, a skill that has relevance across all academic disciplines. By virtue of having lived in Toronto, and immersed myself in the school, and referred many students and adults to training in this function, I can attest to how it enhances overall functioning and is a very wise choice for a cognitive function to train. This would have a major impact on improved educational functioning throughout the world.

The fact that they train the brain processors that make possible reasoning and rationality, is arguably one of the most important positive developments one could imagine for our world, with its complex problems.”

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Carlie – Remote Symbol Relations Student

What are the benefits of taking part in this Program?

  • Strengthening Symbol Relations ability means a more powerful and positive capacity to understand, participate in and contribute to the world.
  • Studies show that the Symbol Relations Program leads to structural and functional changes in the brain as well as significant improvements in academic and cognitive measures. Significant improvements were measured in comprehension, mathematics, vocabulary,  processing speed, attention, cognitive efficiency, reasoning, and working memory.  Participants and their families report better mental health, emotional resilience, and a more positive self-concept.
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