Meet Victor Mifsud, the Blind Bio-Hacker. Victor is on a mission to supercharge his eyes, mind, body, and soul using ancient wisdom and modern science.

We are delighted to present to you My Neuroplastic Adventure, a new documentary featuring Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, created by Chalkboard Media and Brain Body Productions Inc. The trailer and a full synopsis are below.

The documentary’s initial air-date is this Friday, June 30th, at 6:00 PM EST on AMI-TV. Here is a channel guide that will help you find the AMI channel from your cable provider. It will be uploaded to the AMI website on July 1, 2017.

A longer version is being submitted to national and international film festivals for 2017-18 – stay tuned for updates!

Documentary Film: My Neuroplastic Adventure

My Neuroplastic Adventure – Teaser from Chalkboard Media on Vimeo.

Victor is a DJ, an artist, a traveler, and a dreamer. And he’s legally blind. This is the story of Victor’s journey to heal his eyes, mind, body, and soul using his own combination of ancient wisdom and modern science. He’s part citizen scientist and part bio-hacker. Along the way, he’ll meet brilliant thinkers pushing the frontiers of our understanding of the brain and it’s connections to the body.

  • There’s David Webber – the blind man who retrained his brain to see again. He’s the founder of the Seeing Clearly Method of healing vision.
  • Barbara Arrowsmith-Young – founder of the Arrowsmith Program. She is recognised as a thought leader in practical applications that engage neuroplasticity to enhance cognitive capacity and thereby bridge the gap between neuroscience and education. Victor attended Arrowsmith School Toronto as part of his journey.
  • In British Columbia Victor meets, Dr. Lara Boyd one of the world’s leading neuroplasticity experts. She studies brain health and how to we preserve it for as long as possible.
  • At Trent University, Victor learns about the power of PEMF and light therapy to help heal from Professor Magda Havas, who fervently believes this is the medicine of the future.
  • Dr. Jesse Hansen, founder of Helix Healthcare introduces Victor to the restorative powers of sound therapy, releasing trapped emotions before they morph into physiological diseases.
  • Carmen Littlejohn uses her unique approach called Somatic Therapy to treat trauma’s presentation in the body as illness. She put the brain in touch with the body to heal old psychological wounds.
  • And finally, Dr. Gabor Mate uses his guru-like knowledge of shame and pain to help Victor breakthrough his past.

It will be a long, hard journey for Victor. But, ultimately the most rewarding one of his life. He’ll learn about the transformative healing power of sound, light and plain old hard work. And in doing so, see himself change.

Victor will travel inward to confront his most painful memories trusting that his brain can change for the better and understanding that we have much more control over our minds and bodies than we ever possibly imagined! And in the end, Victor will have bio-hacked and supercharged his mind, body, vision and even soul.