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Share your Arrowsmith Journey

Forty years ago, Arrowsmith School Toronto opened its doors. Since then over 3000 students have harnessed the power of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change, creating new realities and transforming their futures. Arrowsmith students have written new chapters of their lives – without learning struggles.

Arrowsmith is now offered across 9 countries thanks to the educators and families who have taken Arrowsmith to their own parts of the world. Their lives and the lives of those around them are different now, because of their dedication to cognitive transformation.

To celebrate Arrowsmith School’s 40th anniversary year, we want to celebrate these stories.

We would love to hear how Arrowsmith has created a new reality for you, your family, your students, or your community. We would love to know where students are now.

Please send in your videos, photos and written documents sharing your Arrowsmith Journey with us.

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