Remote Motor Symbol Sequencing Program

The Remote Motor Symbol Sequencing Program will target the Motor Symbol Sequencing cognitive function, which is the function responsible for learning motor plans necessary for tracking and producing a sequence of symbols. 
Individuals of all ages, and at all levels of functioning in this area will engage in exercises designed to strengthen the capacity responsible for motor planning involved in tracking and producing a sequence of symbols required for writing, reading, and speech. 
After engaging in the program, participants may find that: they are able to write more legibly, neatly, and easily; there has been an improvement in eye tracking of text; that their reading speed improves; they are able to copy material quickly and accurately; they are able to complete written tests within time limits; they have seen a reduction in careless errors in mathematics; their speech is more fluent; and their spelling has become more automated.  

The Remote Motor Symbol Sequencing Program is being offered exclusively through Arrowsmith School Toronto over a 10 month period, beginning once you have enrolled and received your first shipment of Program materials. 
If you believe that you or your child may benefit from this program, please contact our Admissions Coordinator at 416-963-4962 or , who will be pleased to discuss suitability and costs.


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