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Part Time Programs – Peterborough School

After School Part Time Program

Monday Through Friday

Who can benefit from this program? 

The After School Part Time Program is ideally designed for students whose learning is impacted by only a few (one to three) learning dysfunctions, as well as for students who may not be able to enroll in the full time day program. It is useful to review our Description of Learning Dysfunctions to identify areas which you think relate to the student in question and to determine whether a part time program would be appropriate.

Program Information

The After School Part Time Program takes place on site Monday through Friday evenings from 3:15 pm – 5:00 pm. This part time program allows us to address one learning problem at a time since each area requires three to four hours per week of the cognitive program. Families and students can choose their preferred option of either working on the program during four, one hour sessions per week, or two, two hour sessions per week on the days of their choice. The program runs from the third week of September to the beginning of June. For enrolment in the part time program it is necessary to complete the Arrowsmith Program Assessment to determine which cognitive areas need to be addressed.

Program Fees and Refunds 

The fee for the 2019-2020 Part-time After School Program is $3,400.00 for the full year. Please note that fees are not refundable and that we cannot provide make-up classes for classes that are missed. We request the payment of $1,700.00 on or before September 1, 2019 and a postdated cheque for the balance of $ 1,700.00 dated on or before January 9, 2019. H.S.T. is not payable on the program fee.  The tuition amount may be eligible for the medical expense tax credit (Canadian taxpayers only).

Please refer to the information contained under the Tax Credit. Students may enroll at any time during the school year if there is space available and fees are pro-rated accordingly.

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Motor Symbol Sequencing Part Time Program

Arrowsmith School Peterborough

Who can benefit from this program? 

  • A student with this dysfunction will have some or all of the following problems:
  • difficulty with the mechanical aspect of writing
  • difficulty putting words on paper
  • can speak better than can write
  • messy handwriting and careless errors in spelling and math
  • difficulty with forming letters and with motor planning in writing

For a more complete description of this dysfunction, please refer to the Description of Learning Dysfunctions on our web site.

This area is the slowest to improve but is the easiest to identify. The Motor Symbol Sequencing program is only one component of the Arrowsmith Program and the typical student will have other areas of learning difficulty that this cognitive exercise does not address and which will continue to cause the student difficulty. This is only one component of the larger cognitive program at Arrowsmith School.

What is involved? 

This program costs $2,200 per school year and is primarily a home-based program. The student will complete one hour, every other week at Arrowsmith School Peterborough, with the remaining work completed at home. Families can choose their preferred evening, Monday through Friday from 3:45 – 4:45 pm for their bi-weekly, on-site session where the student will work in a small group of other students under the supervision of an Arrowsmith School staff person.

The student and family member will receive training in the two exercises that comprise the Motor Symbol Sequencing program. The family member will learn how to monitor the performance of the exercises to ensure that they are completed properly and will monitor the student’s homework and record progress at home between sessions.

The first session is devoted to training the student and family member in the correct method of performing the exercises. At subsequent sessions, the student’s progress will be monitored and reviewed and the schedule of exercises modified as required.

The student is expected to do a minimum of 60 minutes of homework per day on the exercises between the on-site sessions following a schedule that is assigned by Arrowsmith School staff.

The program runs from the third week of September to the beginning of June and comprises eighteen one-hour sessions at Arrowsmith School. It includes instruction and training in the exercises and ongoing monitoring by Arrowsmith School staff.

The fee includes all the exercise materials that will be required during the course.

An assessment is not required for this program, however we request that you provide a current sample of your child’s handwriting or printing, a copy of the most recent report card and if available, copies of previous assessments at the time of application. At the beginning of the program we will have the student complete a writing sample.

Contact Admissions

Email us here to express interest in this program.