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Introducing the Cognitive Enhancement Program at the Arrowsmith School Peterborough


As lifelong learners we are all looking for an edge. You may be a student looking to achieve better grades or an employee looking to move up the corporate ladder. You may even be retired and looking for a means to improve and strengthen your cognitive capacities to ensure you are protecting, and enhancing, your most important asset – your brain.

The Arrowsmith Program is based on the application of neuroscience research demonstrating that it is possible to change and enhance cognitive function. The Cognitive Enhancement Program provides participants with a structured cognitive exercise program specifically aimed to enhance the Symbol Relations cognitive function. This function is a critical part of higher order reasoning and processing, and is responsible for processing concepts across all academic disciplines. It involves understanding and quickly grasping what is read and heard, insight, logical reasoning, seeing connections between ideas, cause and effect processing and mathematical reasoning.


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