What is the Motor Symbol Sequencing Remote Program?

The Motor Symbol Sequencing Remote Program is a unique Arrowsmith offering that takes place at home.  It offers a transformative experience – wherever you are in the world.

Daily cognitive activity and regular online meetings with an Arrowsmith facilitator means daily progress towards a stronger brain!  Learn more about Arrowsmith’s application of neuroplasticity.

 Arrowsmith’s innovative methodology means participants rewire their brain and transform their learning ability and create a new reality for themselves.

Who Should Participate?

If you or your child experience any of the following the Motor Sequencing Remote Program could be beneficial:


  • Dysgraphia features
  • Messy, effortful or disorganized written expression
  • Difficulty taking effective notes, completing timed tests and assignments
  • Poor spelling; miscopying letters or numbers; making “careless” errors
  • Losing place when reading; misreading a known word; skipping letters, words or punctuation

Program Format

  • At least an hour a day of cognitive exercise 6 days a week. 
  • Suitable for students age 8 to adult
  • Note: These daily sessions require independence and attention and may not be suitable all learners. 

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What are the benefits of taking part in this Program?

A strong Motor Symbol Sequencing function means the ability to improve our writing, typing, and reading speed.  It also means no longer requiring extra time on tests and assignments;  written expression matching verbal ability;  spelling becoming automatic and no more ‘careless errors’ in reading and mathematics. Strengthening this function provides the ability to communicate in ways never before possible.  

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My handwriting before was sloppy and it looked like I was writing with the wrong hand. Now, my handwriting looks decent and everybody can read it. Some teachers actually compliment me on it. My friends actually can now read my notes. For the first time ever, people actually want to borrow my notes.

-Ada, after Motor Symbol Sequencing