Implementation Guidelines

Licensing Arrowsmith for Your Organization

Organizations offering Arrowsmith know that students with strong cognitive abilities enjoy a more enriched learning experience. Contact us to learn more.

How is Arrowsmith Delivered?

Arrowsmith can be offered within an in-person or virtual classroom. Students are supported by trained facilitators and are also part of Arrowsmith’s innovative BrainEx platform. This means wherever they are in the world, students stay on track and on target, making transformative and sustained cognitive change.  

Organizations such as schools, learning centres, clinics and community agencies can become licenced Arrowsmith providers (“sites”). These organizations are trained in methodology, technology and how to support student cognitive success. Find information about these organizations here: Licenced Arrowsmith Providers.

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How Do Organizations Build Arrowsmith into their community?

There are a range of ways an organization can introduce Arrowsmith into their own programs and services. Examples include a school providing an Arrowsmith classroom to their students with learning difficulties, or to all their students as an elective option; a learning centre may offer after-school or weekend Arrowsmith classes; a clinic may offer virtual Arrowsmith sessions to their clients. Our team is pleased to work with organizations to understand their needs and goals, and to create an Arrowsmith Program that is accessible, transformative, and sustaining.

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For whom is Arrowsmith suited?

Arrowsmith can benefit a range of learning abilities – from students struggling to learn, to high achievers, young adults, and seniors. Learning diagnoses like dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, central auditory processing issues, executive function, non-verbal learning, visual-spatial challenges, communication, and attentional difficulties – have all been addressed through Arrowsmith. Benefits also have been demonstrated in individuals without learning issues, and those considered to be underachieving or working harder than their peers. Some organizations consider Arrowsmith an essential solution for their students with learning difficulties or learning disabilities; others utilize Arrowsmith as a means of enhancing all students’ potential. Individuals in their 80s have reported measurable improvements to their quality of life.  

The Arrowsmith Program® Cognitive Profile Questionnaire can be a useful tool for professionals, educators, and individuals to understand what experiences can be improved through the Arrowsmith Program. 

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What makes the Arrowsmith Program unique from other programs? How does it work with other approaches?

Traditionally students with learning issues are provided with resources to lessen the impact of their difficulties. They are given extra time, technology, and space to repeat and reinforce the curriculum. Some programs are designed to explicitly teach students in a structured and sequential approach.  

Arrowsmith is not an academic, nor instructional approach. Instead, its methodology uses neuroplasticity to target and strengthen specific cognitive functions that underlie essential academic, social, vocational, interpersonal skills. The result, individuals learn more effectively, efficiently, and independently. Many students initially requiring learning support no longer rely on accommodation or modifications to supplement their learning. They learn with greater ease and joy.  

Organizations that offer Arrowsmith report their students are able to achieve greater benefit from specifically designed remedial and instructional programs. Students advance more quickly through the material as they improve their core cognitive capacities. Studies have also shown students accelerate their academic skill development as they participate in an Arrowsmith classroom (see Arrowsmith Program Research Overview 2020). Clinicians describe that Arrowsmith has enabled their clients to better access therapy due to improved capacity to reason and reflect.  

Arrowsmith can work in concert with a range of academic and therapeutic approaches. 

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What are the Outcomes?

Since 1997, numerous studies have examined the impact of Arrowsmith. Research continues throughout the world, and Arrowsmith is proud to continually contribute to science and education’s understanding of the brain and its ability to change. To date, results have demonstrated that Arrowsmith participation leads to changes in:  

  • brain activation and connectivity 
  • cognitive functioning 
  • academic achievement 
  • rate of learning in the acquisition of academic skills 
  • social-emotional well-being 
  • activities of daily living 
  • growth mindset (seeing one as an agent of change in one’s life)

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How is Arrowsmith At-Home different from an In-Person Arrowsmith experience?

Since March 2020, the Arrowsmith Program has been available virtually. This means students can join either a physical or virtual classroom to participate in their cognitive programs. Arrowsmith facilitators, students, and families have reported the virtual Arrowsmith experience to be far more successful than traditional academic virtual settings. Students stay on track and on target because they are faced with achievable and motivating tasks. Their Arrowsmith facilitators are present to offer them meaningful feedback. Recent data analysis showed identical student progress between in-person and at-home participants.  

Ultimately, an organization determines whether one or both formats of Arrowsmith is best suited for their community. Arrowsmith provides training specific to either format, as well as ongoing consultation to ensure the latest in technology and best practice. An Arrowsmith classroom – no matter where it is – is a positive, productive, transformative place.  

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