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Extra Curricular Programs

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Physical Activity Programs

Students participate in weekly Physical Education as well as daily physical activity during their breaks. Arrowsmith School is committed to improving and fostering a sense of health and well being which includes healthy eating, adequate intake of water and daily physical activity.


Clubs, Events, and Field Trips

Arrowsmith School students also enjoy a variety of activities beyond the classroom.  Through these extracurricular explorations, students develop integral skills of teamwork and cooperation, learn about their community and their contributions to it, and benefit from each other’s unique skills and interests. Some recent student activities and clubs include:

  •    House League Events
  •    Terry Fox Marathon of Hope
  •    Art & Crafts
  •    Photography Club
  •    Spelling Club
  •    Holiday Cook Book published by the Cooking Crew
  •    Pajama Day
  •    Fundraising for a School in Warangal India
  •    Writers & Words Lunchtime Club
  •    Field Trip to Snow Valley
  •    High Park Hike
  •    Mad Science
  •    School Clean up Day for Earth Day
  •    Food and Toy Drives
  •    Center of Gravity (circus type activities)

Our annual Yearbook chronicles the experiential learning and fun experienced by our students and staff, and our Year End Celebration Ceremony recognizes the extraordinary efforts, growth, and new possibilities of each Arrowsmith School student.


Learning Dysfunctions Addresseed

Descriptions of learning dysfunctions addressed by the Arrowsmith Program