Student Outcomes

Comments by Parents – Elementary

2013 Bradley

Dear All-

For many of us, enrolling our children in the Arrowsmith program was a leap of faith. I’ll admit as the parent of the eldest Arrowsmith student (8th grade), I had many hopes and invested in this program. Hopes that my son could shed his fear of the future because even in 7th grade he was concerned about how he would make a living with his LD’s; my hopes that he would not live in the shadow of himself, but live with his feet solidly planted facing the sun.

My husband was skeptical of the program and insisted we have independent tests done before, and during. We had reading tests done in August.  A few hours ago, we did the same tests again.  In almost all of the tests (reading fluency, sight words, inference questions, types of texts) he GAINED a FULL GRADE LEVEL!!!  Never in his school career at the BISD (K-8 ht) did he gain so much in a short time.  This is the most significant news about his core abilities I have ever received.

We did not do math tests, but I have seen his recall accelerate from 20 seconds, to 10 seconds (self reported) to almost instant.  The tester’s comments today were similar- his recall was much faster. He was using a more sophisticated vocabulary with multi- syllabic words.

I will have the details of the results of the tests later and will be happy to share them or talk with you.


I am doing the happy dance.


2012 Heidi

Arrowsmith Progress Summary 1st year- Heidi – 2012

We have noticed the following changes and improvements in Heidi since she started Arrowsmith. They are all new; we have never seen these changes in her before.

Cognitive changes:

• Reading: Heidi has never been an avid reader, but now reading has become a routine for her before going to sleep, to the point that we often have to push her to turn off the light and go to sleep.

• Math: Heidi has surprised us over and over again with doing simple everyday mental calculations such as those required to follow recipes, to determine how long until something starts, to deduce how many place settings are needed if a certain number of guests do not show up for a meal. She also is able to do certain academic math problems she had never been able to do like counting backwards by 3’s. She is also able for the first time to tell time, and appreciate the significance of telling time, from an analog clock.

• Writing: She has shown great interest in writing for the first time in her life. Apart from her writing assignments, she also now writes stories on her own initiative at home for fun. Also, her writing skills have improved according to her Language Teacher.
Personal changes:

• Self confidence and communication skills:

• On several occasions she has picked up the phone with no hesitation and talked with a parent to coordinate logistics for a friend’s visit.

• Heidi now readily is able to enjoy shopping with her mom for clothes.

• Prioritizing and decision making

• When shopping for clothes she can tell me what she wants and does not want.

• Heidi was able to sort her stuffed animals, choose ones to keep, and discard the rest of them, showing her ability to categorize, make decisions, and follow through; something we have never seen in her before.

• Problem solving: Faced with a challenge, she will think of creative ways to solve it. For example, she has sometimes used sneakiness and short cuts to get out of trouble. Heidi was never able to do this before.

• Social skills: Heidi is finding it easier to make friends and socialize, though she still has a way to go. Predicative exercise seems to be of great importance for this goal.

• Accepting responsibility: Heidi is maturing and accepting more responsibility for her actions and for doing some chores around the house. It’s possible this isn’t Arrowsmith related, but it fits the above pattern.

Overall, we think Arrowsmith has made a considerable and positive difference in Heidi’s cognitive and personal development this year. With her continued hard work and perseverance we look forward to additional positive surprises the upcoming years will bring.

We look forward to our next year in Arrowsmith and Dominion! Thank you.

Arrowsmith/7th grade parents of Heidi

2011 Parent

Arrowsmith Speech

I feel honoured and privileged to have this opportunity to express my deep appreciation and gratitude towards Arrowsmith and to be able to explain to you a little bit about what the gifts this program has thus far given my 10 year old son.

Until last year, my son has been coming across one challenge after another, which found me running from school to school, to tutoring, to therapy, to one assessment after another so i could try to get to the bottom of the issues. It was never easy to explain what was wrong…it was a mix of various learning difficulties, to emotional roller coasters, social difficulties, being bullied, and worst of all…seeing my 10 year old sad and depressed, day in and day out….simply not thriving.

At first I was a bit skeptical about how effective this next program would be for my son. I could not understand how doing these various exotic exercises would help…let alone get him happy again. But as his mother, I knew one thing was certain…I could not continue on the previous path that he was on. As much as the tutoring was helping, I felt that that in the long run, it was a band-aid solution for something deeper that needed more attention.

It is now nearly a year since my son started the program. At first I saw very subtle changes, but as the year progressed I noticed many more positive changes and am today happy to share his amazing progress with everyone here tonight.

Firstly, and to me most importantly, my son is now a more confident, happier boy who is finally coming out of his isolated shell. He communicates extremely well for a boy his age. In fact, he started writing a diary (this was his own idea) so he can get his feelings out! (and by the way, before Arrowsmith, I would have to rack my head to try to get him to write a word, let alone a sentence! He also tells me of some new friends he’s made in both his regular class and the Arrowsmith class. Before this year, I’m embarrassed to admit, he had absolutely zero friends even though he wanted one very badly.

Another huge change I noticed, is that he is much more calm. When he does his homework, it takes him much less time to start (homework in the past would take hours because he simply could not sit and concentrate long enough or be motivated to do it.) Today, he comes home from school, takes a snack, plays a bit, and then when it’s time for homework, he gets it out himself, sits by the table, and simply does it on his own!!

One more beautiful story I wanted to share which exemplifies how developed his problem solving skills have become due to Arrowsmith. My son has consistently been struggling with davening together with his class. He tells me he gets very distracted and can’t follow the words inside with the other boys. Just a few months ago, he says to me, “Mommy, I feel bad that I can’t daven properly at school because i keep getting distracted. Is it ok if I wake up early before school and go to shul with Tatty?” Do I need to say more?

As you can see, Arrowsmith is so much more than just a special Ed class. It is a program that finally offers hope and success for our beautiful children! It is up to us, as their parents, to give them this opportunity to finally find their true selves so they can shine and succeed, and most of all have a chance at success just like everyone else!

By W.S.

2011 Kelda

I’ve been impressed by, and grateful for, the many benefits of the Arrowsmith program (and its wonderful teachers). Before Kelda attended Arrowsmith, her school days were traumatic. She was learning very little and she knew it. At home her mood dial was set somewhere between sadness and rage. She was enroled in a patchwork quilt of programs in addition to special ed at school – language therapy, math tutoring, English tutoring, counseling.

What a relief to find Arrowsmith School! Kelda is learning better than ever before. She shows obvious cognitive gains in reading, written expression, reasoning and speech.

We’ve released her from her extracurricular patchwork quilt (except math tutoring, which she enjoys). Kelda has resumed her true passions (karate and soccer) and her mood dial has stabilized on “happy” since the day she started Arrowsmith full-time two and a half years ago. She leaps out of bed eagerly every single day of the week and she falls, happy and tired, into a peaceful sleep every single night. She is a sweet, generous, highly motivated and – yes – excitable (!) girl.

We are no longer wondering whether Kelda can ever be self-sufficient. I’m sure she’ll be able to make a great life for herself!

We sent Kelda to Arrowsmith School against the advice of psycho-educational consultants. Everything they told us is false. Now that I see how profoundly this program has changed her life, I am horrified to think that these advisers may scare other parents away from this life-altering option!

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do (apart from telling everyone I know) to be an ambassador of this wonderful school.

Many thanks!.

2010 Jarek

Dear Ms. Young,

My son, Jarek, has just completed his first year at Arrowsmith School and I write to express my immense gratitude for offering not just hope for children with learning disabilities academically, but the opportunity to prove to themselves they are invaluable members of their families, schools and communities.

Jarek was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability at the end of grade one. By the end of grade three in the public school system, one look at Jarek’s eyes told me he had been completely defeated. In class he sat quietly observing those around him, never participating, never smiling and falling further and further behind. We tried tutoring to no avail. At home, he went from being a sweet, talkative boy with a great sense of humour to a sullen, angry, aggressive boy withdrawing from everyone around him. Our concern for Jarek quickly grew to gut-wrenching worry for his future; academically, socially and psychologically.

I first heard about Arrowsmith from a co-worker, and immediately called to see if Jarek could be assessed. Jarek was accepted to Division 1 in September 2009. Within a month, Jarek started to smile at home and by Christmas told me that he loved me (which I hadn’t heard him say for almost two years!). Though both the cognitive and academic work was clearly challenging for him, month by month, we noticed him become more engaging not only with us, but with family and friends. He was looking happier than he had been in years.

By the second term, Ms. Furtado told me that in class Jarek was beginning to offer answers, take initiatives and even help others. Now, at the end of his first year, Jarek has taken the unprecedented social leap of teaching our neighbour’s three year old son soccer and reading to him, as well as talking his friends into letting their younger siblings play with them. While most parents likely take this kind of play for granted in their child, Jarek’s fear of failure was so intense he preferred to just watch his friends play from the sidelines and had never shown any interest in playing with children younger than him. Not only has Jarek developed confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills at Arrowsmith; academically he has gone from printing at a kindergarten level to writing legibly in cursive!

It is truly remarkable how one small leap of faith can reap such incredible rewards. And this is only the beginning! Words simply can not express how thrilled I am with Jarek’s progress at Arrowsmith. Thank you for offering such an innovative, progressive program which has brought Jarek from the brink of despair to confidently showing the world his charismatic, fun-loving, affectionate personality. He has found his childhood and it is a beautiful thing.

I so look forward to celebrating with Jarek the cognitive and academic gains I know he will make in his second year at Arrowsmith. Thank you again.

2010 Sklaer

This has been a very exciting year for our family yet at the same time very challenging. As a parent with a child that has learning disabilities, decisions and interactions not only affect our son but usually have impact on our whole family. This school year has been no exception.

Through the years, we have explored and tried so many programs for our son who is now nine years old. As a parent you want to provide the best for your child and ensure that their needs are being met. That can be very difficult when your child has learning difficulties and when you have professionals telling you, they’ve never seen this in a child before. We have been very fortunate to have had a special ed assistant for him, had private tutoring, occupational therapy and tried several other strategies. Some programs were a good fit and were successful but none had long lasting benefits. We would see our son make progress and then eventually lose those steps.

We were blessed with very talented and gifted professionals that helped us understand our sons challenges. My many hours of research also helped us better understand. Despite any amount of knowledge and understanding, as parents we have experienced tremendous frustration and ongoing concern. Going into grade four we recognized that rather than moving forward he was just losing more and more ground and was getting further behind his peers. The social and academic challenges were only going to increase.

Over the years I had heard about Eaton Arrowsmith School and the Arrowsmith Program. My husband and I watched a documentary on the school on CBC a number of years ago. For a variety of reasons I didn’t look into it in great detail or consider it as an option for our son. However in the spring of 2009 I had several people that continued to bring EAS to my attention and remind me that Victoria EAS was opening in September of 2009.

The turning point was all of the nudging and reminders from my husband to do some more research into EAS. Although our son had some very supportive people in his life he was not making progress, instead he was falling further and further behind. Our son who was nine years old was at a kindergarten to grade one level in both mathematics and English. We needed to do something different for our son and now was the time!

It was time to give our child an opportunity that would have life changing benefits. The hard work and dedication he would put into his time at EAS would result in long lasting changes. Our son has always loved being read to, but like any parent, we want our child to be able to enjoy a book and get lost in the magic of reading himself. We want him to have opportunities to choose his own future and not be limited. Our child has dreams and with the cognitive exercises that he is working on at EAS he will one day be able to pursue those dreams.

His days at EAS are not easy. Along with his peers he works extremely hard. He is not only creating new pathways and strengthening his brain, he is learning how hard he can work. Our son is thrilled when he accomplishes his goals and is able to measure his own success when he masters various levels of his work. He now looks forward to his days at school which is new and very exciting!

My original concerns whether EAS would be right for our son were real and valid. However, with the incredible support and encouragement of the teaching staff we are working on our son’s personal challenges and he has come a long way since September 09. We have seen some exciting changes in our son and celebrate his accomplishments, whether large or small. He can now write a sentence about his day, he now understands what a month is, and he can count by twos. These are just a few, but to us are tremendous steps. More importantly, is the day to day routine that he responds so well to and the enjoyment he experiences while having the opportunity to interact with all the students. We are looking forward to celebrating many more successes with our son and watching him grow as an individual as he continues his journey at EAS.

2010 Zack

Hi, friends,

Over the past few years I have shared with you some or all of our families’ journey with Zack’s learning disability, and I wanted to share some exciting news. Zack has dyslexia, and like most kids with learning disabilities, they have underlying cognitive weaknesses in the area of memory (short term, long term, working memory) and processing speed (visual or auditory). Combinations of these weak cognitive areas are the underlying causes of every learning disability. Traditional LD approaches teach parents how to best tutor, accommodate, and advocate for their child, but most of these students continue to struggle in school.

This year I am a teacher in a new cognitive training program at Camperdown Academy, the Arrowsmith Program, and the exercises we do strengthen all of those weak underlying cognitive skills. Research shows that after students complete the program (usually two to three years), they no longer test as having a learning disability, and they can return to the traditional classroom on par with their peers. It has been an amazing year for me, my co-teacher, and our 20 students as we see their cognitive skills and confidence strengthening everyday.

However, that that is not my exciting news! To back up a bit, Zack was tested in 4th grade by a psychologist in Greenville and again in 5th grade by a neuro-psychologist in Boston. We were told that he is very smart (as are most kids with learning disabilities), but his biggest learning disability is that his processing speed is in the 5th percentile. Basically, it takes him much longer to complete academic tasks (taking notes, taking tests, doing homework, etc.) than the average student, and he could not keep up in the traditional classroom. We were also told that you are born with your processing speed (and working memory), it cannot be changed, and that processing speed below 30th percentile will not be successful in the traditional classroom. (That is one reason I home-schooled Zack for 4th and 5th grade. Giving him the time he needed and tutoring him for dyslexia, we saw his grades, Stanford scores, and self-confidence soar. However, all he has ever wanted was to go back to school to be with his friends.)

When we left the first doctor’s office two years ago, I began researching everything under the sun on strengthening cognitive skills. A little over a year ago a friend gave me the book “Brain School” which explains the Arrowsmith Program, and I knew I had finally found the answer. I helped an amazing group of like-minded moms bring the Arrowsmith Program to SC last spring and was hired as one of the classroom teachers. At the beginning of the school year last fall, we did independent cognitive testing on our students in the program to see for ourselves if the program does what it says it does. This past Friday I received Zack’s year-end independent cognitive test scores. His processing speed is now in 42nd percentile! In fact, six of his nine cognitive test scores are now in the 90th percentile! All of our students’ scores improved in some or all cognitive areas. I am so very grateful right now, humbled beyond belief, and feel as though I’ve exhaled deeply for the first time in five years. Zack will return to the “traditional classroom” next year, and he will not need the LD resource program. Friends, nothing is impossible with prayer and perseverance. Thanks for your support these past few years. sharing, caring, and listening. This is the best Mother’s Day gift ever!

2010 Sarah

Within the first 3 weeks, we noticed that Sarah was able to count by 2’s and actually told us that she had to do her counting.  By 5 weeks, Sarah was able to communicate more efficiently without any story telling due to her language barrier.  She was able to hold a conversation, and was able to understand what was going on when we watched a movie.  My biggest fear with Sarah was boundaries.  Lack of boundaries was always a huge problem with us.  She couldn’t get consequences and so she constantly was in trouble and we were at our wits end.  She just didn’t get it.  We were constantly frustrated with her and quite angry most days.  Now, Sarah is like a different child.  Our house is quiet and relaxed.  I feel that she acts quite like a “normal” eight year old does now.  She communicates very well with her sister and there is very little conflict in our home.   I actually feel confident in leaving Sarah alone with our 4 year old now without fear of something bad happening.

Over the holidays, our friends told me that Sarah seems more relaxed and confident in communicating with them in their home.  We have tried over the years to get Sarah involved in games.  We tried simple games like snakes and ladders.  She never seemed interested in anything either than watching movies.  Well, over the holidays, she was playing Trouble, Snakes and Ladders and card games like Old Maid.  She even did puzzles which again she was never able to put a puzzle together on her own.  I would watch as she strategizes her moves or put thought to where a puzzle piece should go and I am so thankful that she is on her way to “strengthening her brain”.  I can’t even imagine how our life would be if EAS didn’t come into our lives.

I am so grateful for this program; our lives have changed tremendously!

2009 Jaron

Jaron has an auditory processing disability. When I used to give him directions to do something, he would then look at me and say- “wait…What?” It was very hard for him to process the directions, especially for multi- tasks. Since he started Arrowsmith for this year, I have not heard him ask for repetition of task directions at all. He seems much more confident that he heard the directions and he is ready to follow through on them without further clarification. In school, he didn’t have the ability to ask the teacher each time to clarify the directions so he just wouldn’t start the task at all. This could lead to a “meltdown” with Jaron unable to do the task at all. A teacher who has worked with Jaron for the past three years reports no “meltdowns” this year and Jaron’s willingness to start and mostly complete the tasks asked of him.

Arrowsmith has given Jaron a confidence that he can do what is asked of him. He is very proud when he “masters” a task in Arrowsmith and can bring in a special treat for the class. His self-esteem has improved significantly since he began Arrowsmith.
Jaron possesses above average intelligence but his learning disability keeps him from achieving what he is capable of achieving. We hope that by strengthening the weak areas of his brain, Jaron will be able to reach his potential and most importantly be confident that “he can do it”.

At home, when Jaron works on a school assignment, he now asks for help when he needs it and finishes the task without any frustrated behavior. He used to not even want to attempt his homework and would shutdown and be unwilling to do it. He approaches the task with a calmness that wasn’t there before.

Family members have remarked that Jaron is more affectionate. He seems to have knocked down some of the walls he had put up around himself. Seeing Jaron happier with himself has been a tremendous thing for our family.

When a child is frustrated in school, he might exhibit behaviors to protect himself from being hurt by the disapproval of others- teachers, parent classmates. In Arrowsmith, Jaron has achieved a degree of success which helps him shed these behaviors and be able to learn more effectively.

2008 Isaac

A letter to the HALB School regarding Arrowsmith:

Dear HALB:
Too often people neglect to give praise when appropriate and instead focus on the negative. I would like to take this opportunity to praise the Arrowsmith Program. My son, Isaac, entered the program when he began the 4th grade. While he is a bright boy and a B student I recognized that there were definite learning deficits. In order to obtain those Bs it was necessary for me to spend hours re-teaching him material the teachers had taught in class. Before an exam I would spend days reviewing. Many parents are apt to except this situation, not everyone is an A student, however, as the work became more and more demanding I began to worry for the future. After all if Isaac was fighting for Bs in 3rd grade what would high school hold for him?

After 2 years in the Arrowsmith Program I no longer worry. This year Isaac was in 5th grade. This is the hardest year of elementary school. Much more is expected of the students. A great deal of emphasis was put on independence in order to ready the boys for middle school. I decided to follow the teacher’s lead. I did not monitor Isaac’s homework as I had done in the past. I am proud to say that his homework was done independently and correctly. I also, did not re- teach Isaac material for his tests. I reviewed with him the night before, at his request. During these review sessions I was amazed at his retention. He knew the answers to all questions asked; he had absorbed the information in class. In truth the review was a formality. Isaac received high marks this year (except in writing which is still being addressed by Arrowsmith). Not one major test score fell below the 90% mark. In addition, he received a 93% and a 91% on the Tara Nova Tests in math and listening, respectively and average to above average marks in the other categories (except spelling). There is no doubt in my mind that the majority of Isaac’s success is attributable to the Arrowsmith Program. As a result of this program I have every confidence that not only will Isaac pass high school, but also that he will succeed in college and be limited only by external obstacles rather than internal impediments. It is for this reason that I wish to extend my praise to HALB for being innovative and taking a chance on the Arrowsmith Program. Thank you.

2008 Seth

My son Seth has been in the Arrowsmith Program for a year and a half now. To watch him eliminate his classification as Learning Disabled has been astonishing. Across the board, from Dyslexia, to focusing, to Math skills, Reading Comprehension and speed, social skills, short term memory, handwriting and conceptual skills, (basically all the areas he addressed with the Arrowsmith Program ), he has jumped dramatically.

This was incredible to me because before Arrowsmith, I had actually tried numerous programs. From “Linda Mood Bell”, Vision Therapy, “Fast for Word”, the best Speech Therapists I could find, Occupational therapy, Remedial Reading Specialists, “S.E.I.T.s”, Kriah Specialists, omega 3s, dhas, protein shakes, “ease c.d.s”, “brain gym”, you name it. If I could find it on the internet, I researched it and I tried it. I spent three hours each night pre-teaching my son to keep him in a mainstream yeshiva.  I myself became a Remedial Reading Specialist. With all this intervention and one on one attention, you would think I would see great changes. This was not the case.  My son eventually did learn to read, but his speed and comprehension remained well below average. His conversational and social skills were so poor; I was more worried about life skills than grades.

Your cutting edge   Arrowsmith Program offered a completely different approach. Whereas all the other programs I tried helped him to learn the schoolwork by breaking it down for him (making it easier to grasp), Arrowsmith simply identified all the weak areas in his brain causing the learning difficulties in the first place, slowly strengthening them until he  finally can grasp new materials at the same rate as his peers. Instead of looking at endless school years of always playing “catch-up”, I can now look forward to a child who can do homework on his own.

Because of your Arrowsmith Program, I have completely re-evaluated my goals for him. Now it’s not enough for me to just keep him in a mainstream yeshiva. Now I want him to excel.

I am writing to you at HALB, not only to thank you for giving my son a future, but to make sure you know what a precious gem of a program you have in your school. I have driven three hours a day, found a new job in Long island, just to get Seth to your school for the Arrowsmith Program- and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. With my background, I know that you must have at least one or two children in each grade who could benefit from your program. Please help these children by explaining to their parents what this program offers. It is such a comprehensive program that it can be appropriate for most children with learning issues; bringing the innate intelligence of the children at the bottom of the class up to the level of their peers or, even beyond! Resource room or tutors can now catch these children up to class level at an incredibly fast pace, because the impediments to learning have been removed. They can become the top achievers in the classroom, once the innate intelligence is brought up to average or above.

Someone was kind enough to let me know about your program, so I feel it is my duty to “pay it forward” and help others find out about it. Your school has been a pioneer across the board, from education, to middos, and now to eliminating learning disabilities. Most schools strive to offer the best education available, accepting only the top achievers. Your school has enough foresight to offer the Arrowsmith Program, giving any child who attends Halb not only the opportunity for a top level education, but also the innate ability to become a top achiever.  I hope the vision and compassion that Halb has shown in implementing the Arrowsmith Program becomes a beacon to Yeshivas everywhere.


Mrs. L

2006 Juliana

Our child has been designated Gifted-LD in the school system. There are certain things that our child has never had difficulty with because of our child’s strengths. There are areas that, no matter how hard we worked on them, they continued to be a difficulty and a source of frustration, eg. telling time, making change, printing neatly, using a dictionary.

In just 3 months we have seen an improvement in our child’s (1) printing (able to print on a line, better formation of certain letters), (2) telling time on our kitchen clock (analog), and (3) recently our child initiated the use of a dictionary and quickly found the word – “random” – when I questioned how he was using it.

Parents of Students attending the Arrowsmith Program at St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School June 1998 & June 1999

Jonah is starting to show his true strengths where before they were locked in his head. He used to spend hours on one assignment and still not be able to express his thoughts in writing. However, now he is able to do these assignments much quicker and with great results. As a result, his self confidence has increased a great deal and he is happier. We have seen a great improvement in his organizational skills in all areas of his life. We are very pleased with this program and very grateful that our son was able to participate.

Michael has more confidence to try doing his schoolwork on his own and gets really excited when work he has done is done well and gets a good grade. He seems to enjoy accomplishing things in school on his own. He never would dare try that before. It has given him self confidence.

Christopher’s school work has improved considerably and he understands how to solve problems when he is working on a project. It is helping him understand how to sort through problems with school work as well as in his everyday life.

There has been growth in self-esteem. He is much more confident to try new things and has done very well. Before he was more withdrawn and shy and would more or less stay in his room. Now he reaches out to friends and family. He is much more outgoing and has volunteered in many different areas with various groups. He still finds math hard but he tries and tries and doesn’t give up. Also organization skills are very good now. An example is when he planned his trip to Costa Rica. He got his passport, all his papers, what he needed, attended all meetings and helped raise money for his trip. He did all this on his own, without help from me. He did extremely well and was extremely organized.

Scott has made more progress in this year than in any other year!

Chris’ grade level has gone up and his most recent grade scores would suggest progress is clearly evident.

Carson has shown a great deal of improvement in schoolwork and at home.

I believe the program has done wonders for Rodney. He seems to be much more confident in all aspects of his daily routine and his enthusiasm shows.

There is a very noticeable change in Richard’s development. It has helped David in everything he says and does.

I see remarkable improvement.

Interaction, concentration and organizational skills seem to have had the most improvement.

His concentration span has made the most noticeable progress. He has more focus and gets his work done. It is a good program for students like my son.
Because Kory’s ability to express himself has improved his interaction with everyone, this has made him more self confident.

It has helped in math. Before she couldn’t concentrate and understand math.

My son has made significant progress in all areas. His school work has improved almost beyond belief.

The program has worked wonders for my son.

He is more able to focus and stay on task longer.

The biggest improvement is in Jeremy’s self-esteem. His skill work has improved. He is happy. He feels that school is important again. I feel that the program is working.

1992 Rachel

I’ve been impressed by, and grateful for, the many benefits of the Arrowsmith program (and its wonderful teachers). Before Rachel attended Arrowsmith, her school days were traumatic. She was learning very little and she knew it. At home her mood dial was set somewhere between sadness and rage. She was enroled in a patchwork quilt of programs in addition to special ed at school – language therapy, math tutoring, English tutoring, counseling…

What a relief to find Arrowsmith School. Rachel is learning better than ever before. She shows obvious cognitive gains in reading, written expression, reasoning and speech. We’ve released her from her extracurricular patchwork quilt (except math tutoring, which she enjoys). Rachel has resumed her true passions (karate and soccer) and her mood dial has stabilized on “happy” since the day she started Arrowsmith full-time two and a half years ago. She leaps out of bed eagerly every single day of the week and she falls, happy and tired, into a peaceful sleep every single night. She is a sweet, generous, highly motivated and – yes – excitable(!) girl.

We are no longer wondering whether Rachel can ever be self-sufficient. I’m sure she’ll be able to make a great life for herself.
Please let me know if there’s anything I can do (apart from telling everyone I know) to be an ambassador of this wonderful school.

Many thanks,


Student / Parent
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