‘It is through cognitive transformation that we help unlock each individual’s gifts allowing them to Dare to Dream.’ 

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young 

We welcome you to join us in celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Arrowsmith School Toronto and the 15th Anniversary of Arrowsmith School Peterborough during the 2020 – 2021 school year. Established in 1980, Arrowsmith School Toronto has operated continuously in Toronto, Canada, for 40 years. In 2005, Arrowsmith School Peterborough opened its doors in Peterborough, Canada.

There have been numerous exciting developments over the past decades, with countless students transforming their lives through achieving mastery of Arrowsmith’s cognitive exercises. As the celebrations unfold over this academic year, this page will be updated with news and activities planned to mark our 40th and 15th year. We will also share details about how you can join in our celebrations.

The Arrowsmith Program Timeline

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Our History 

Arrowsmith School Toronto was established by Barbara ArrowsmithYoung, founder of the Arrowsmith Program. Barbara, while completing her Masters in School Psychology at the University of Toronto, commenced working with students with learning difficulties in an after-school learning centre in 1978. These students were struggling all day at school and then attended her centre at the end of the school day. In 1980, she decided to open a school where these students could participate through the school day, working on the Arrowsmith Program to overcome their learning difficulties. Learn more about our history above.

Arrowsmith’s Tree of Transformation

Over 40 years, Arrowsmith has enabled students to establish powerful roots and blossom to follow their chosen paths. We have created a Tree of Transformation to capture the life-changing stories shared by students, parents, and educators worldwide.

Share your Arrowsmith Journey 

We would love to hear how the Arrowsmith Program has transformed the lives of our community around the world.

We would like to know how Arrowsmith has created a new reality for you, your family, your students or your community and we would be delighted to know where students are now.

Please send in videos, photos and written documents sharing your Arrowsmith Journey with us.