Advocacy Guidelines

Advocacy related to the Arrowsmith Program

Volunteer advocates have played a positive and important role in starting the process towards the Arrowsmith Program being implemented at some schools. Parents and teachers of students with learning difficulties and other professionals can talk effectively with school administrators about the effects of learning difficulties on students as well as the struggles that the students face at school. We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of these volunteer advocates in building awareness for the program and its goal of addressing the challenges faced by students with learning difficulties. These documents are designed to support advocates in the process.

Advocacy Guide:

Advocacy Guide

Arrowsmith Program Representatives

Arrowsmith Program has designated representatives available to communicate with educational institutions once they become interested in learning more about the program. If you would like to contact the representative for your area please email Debbie Gilmore at ac.ma1550362005rgorp1550362005htims1550362005worra1550362005@erom1550362005ligd1550362005.