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Typical Steps to Enrolment

Inquiry Call or Email

During an initial inquiry call or email, information is shared between a prospective family and Arrowsmith School. Arrowsmith School would like to gather as much information as possible about any prospective students and where they might be struggling with learning.  At the same time, Arrowsmith is able to direct families to various features of our website and to provide as much background as possible about the school.

Parent Information Session

At our monthly information sessions at Arrowsmith School Toronto, interested parents and guardians are able to meet with various members of the Arrowsmith School community to learn more.  There is a formal 30 – 40 minute presentation followed by a Q & A.

Suitability Determined

Arrowsmith School will consider any student for enrolment.  Our Admissions team will speak with parents and will ask to see a wide variety of reports, assessments, and observations in order to round out the picture of who each student is as a learner and to determine that Arrowsmith School is the proper fit for that student.

School Tour

During an Arrowsmith School tour, prospective families will have an opportunity to see the school during a regular school day.  Students and families will have an opportunity to visit each classroom and meet staff and students and observe a typical day at Arrowsmith School. Families will have an opportunity to ask the Principal any additional questions they might have or to take the next steps in booking an Assessment.


An Arrowsmith Assessment measures the functioning of the 19 different cognitive functions that the Arrowsmith Program can address.  This Assessment will take about 1 to 1 ½ days to complete and results will be ready for the Assessment Briefing within 3-5 days.

Assessment Briefing

At the Assessment Briefing, the School Principal will have an opportunity to meet the child or adult who has been assessed, and their families, to explain the results of the Arrowsmith Assessment, presented in the form of an Initial Learning Profile.  This Learning Profile describes a student’s cognitive profile as a list of strengths and difficulties, and will highlight which Arrowsmith Program exercises would be best suited to fundamentally improve learning ability.  Program options (Full Time, Part Time, Motor Symbol Sequencing Program, Cognitive Intensive Program) will be discussed at this stage.

Enrolment Offered

Enrolment is offered when it has been determined that the Arrowsmith Program and Arrowsmith School would be a suitable fit for a prospective candidate.  This often takes place as part of the Assessment Briefing. An Assessment is not always required in order to offer enrolment.  Once families have had the different programming options explained an appropriate offer of enrolment is made.

For more information regarding admissions and assessments at Arrowsmith School Toronto or Peterborough please contact , call +1 647-465-0759 or complete the form below.

How to enroll your child at Arrowsmith School

The decision as to whether a student who is experiencing difficulty at school may be suitable for Arrowsmith School can usually be made based on discussion by telephone with parents and often with the students themselves.

Where necessary, we can also review school report cards and results of academic and psychological testing. Our experience has shown that most parents can identify with great accuracy the problems that their child is having at school.

Each student enrolling at Arrowsmith is assessed to determine the student’s learning profile and to plan the student’s program. Information about the assessment procedure is in the Assessment section of our web site.

Enrolment and tuition at Arrowsmith School Peterborough

The annual tuition fee for the 2019-2020 school year is $18,500 ($18,000 for returning students) and includes all program and academic fees and materials for the full school year.  There are no additional fees for field trips and activities as they are inclusive within the annual tuition fee.  Tuition fees are not subject to the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or Provincial Sales Tax.

Enrolment and tuition at Arrowsmith School Toronto

The annual tuition fee for the 2019-2020 school year is $26,500 ($25,500 for returning students) and includes all program and academic fees and materials for the full school year. The tuition fee includes an activity fee of $250 that covers such things as the school yearbook, school trips and other special events. There are no other fees or charges. Tuition fees are not subject to the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or Provincial Sales Tax.

Tuition fees at private schools are not tax deductible.

Parents of students enroled in the Arrowsmith Program in Canada (at Arrowsmith School and at other schools that offer this program) may claim the Medical Expense Tax Credit.  In certain circumstances, transportation and additional living expenses may qualify for the Medical Expense Tax Credit. Determination of whether an individual qualifies for the Medical Expense Tax Credit is made by Revenue Canada. We recommend that families in all cases contact their own accountant or financial advisor. Links to information on this are located under Tax Credit (Canada).