Arrowsmith Program Information Session hosted by Halton Hills Christian School

About this Event

Date: Thursday April 23rd 2020

Location: Online 

Time: 7.30-8.30 pm

Does your child have a learning disability or challenge? The Arrowsmith Program can help!

Come to listen to our expert panel:

  • Debbie Gilmore, Executive Director of Arrowsmith Program
  • Halton Hills Christian School Educators
  • Arrowsmith Program current students and alumni and parents

Get information about how Arrowsmith Program can help to overcome your child’s learning difficulty.

At this webinar you will find out:

How learning difficulties do not need to be lifelong

Gain an insight into the principles of neuroplasticity and the factors leading to brain change.

Hear the latest research into neuroplasticity, learning and Arrowsmith’s innovative educational approach

Learn more about the Arrowsmith Program at Halton Hills Christian School.