If you are interested in obtaining information about one of the schools that offers the Arrowsmith Program in Canada or the U.S. including admissions and enrolment, please click on Participating Schools for a list of these schools and how to contact them directly. 

Please also check our listing of schools that are considering offering the Arrowsmith Program next year by clicking on Prospective Schools.

If you are an educator or administrator at a public or private school that is interested in learning about how you can offer our program at your school, please read our Implementation Guidelines and download our pamphlet that explains in detail some of the practical aspects of implementing our program in public and private schools.

Arrowsmith Program

245 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario M4V 1R3
Telephone: 416 963-4962 
Facsimile: 416 963-8464
email:: ac.ma1493259605rgorp1493259605htims1493259605worra1493259605@ofni1493259605

If you would like additional information about implementing the Arrowsmith Program at your school, please contact the following Arrowsmith Program representatives:

For North and South America Inquiries:
Jessica Poulin, Strategic Operations Manager, at ac.ma1493259605rgorp1493259605htims1493259605worra1493259605@nilu1493259605opj1493259605

All other inquiries:
Debbie Gilmore, at ac.ma1493259605rgorp1493259605htims1493259605worra1493259605@erom1493259605ligd1493259605

Arrowsmith School Toronto