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Welcome to Arrowsmith

Changing the lives of students struggling with specific learning difficulties

At Arrowsmith, we specialize in strengthening learning capacities rather than simply learning ways to compensate for specific learning difficulties. We have been helping children, youth, and adults with learning difficulties address their challenges and achieve academic success since 1978. Specially trained and truly dedicated Arrowsmith teachers have helped thousands of students through our individualized and specialized cognitive programs.

About the Arrowsmith Program

The Arrowsmith Program is based on the application of neuroscientific research and for over 35 years we have worked to help students strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying a range of learning difficulties. Our goal is to help students become effective, confident, and self-directed learners. For children and youth, this includes enabling them to return to a regular school after a three to four year program. Our program is offered at schools throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

About the Arrowsmith Schools in Toronto and Peterborough

Arrowsmith School is an independent co-educational and non-denominational day school headquartered in mid-town Toronto and Peterborough. We offer both full time and part time programs with the sole purpose of helping individuals of all ages with specific learning difficulties.

If either you or your child are struggling academically, socially or vocationally we encourage you to complete the Arrowsmith Program Cognitive Profile® Questionnaire to help determine whether the learning difficulties are typical of those addressed by the Arrowsmith Program.

Additionally, we invite you to join us for our next monthly Parent Information Session at Arrowsmith School Toronto as well as read or view some of our many testimonials from both parents and current and former students who have completed the Arrowsmith Program.